When The Boss Finds Out – S4:E9

Having a hard bum boss like Alex Coal who insists they work weekends is really wearing on Natalia Nix and Keira Croft. When Alex is away one Saturday, Natalia decides that she’s had enough of this. Natalia starts off complaining to Keira. When Alex lets the girls know she’s running late, Natalia goes from bitching to seductive. Keira isn’t as certain as Natalia, but she’s willing to be seduced.With a little bit of encouragement, Natalia eventually gets Keira on her back. Hiking up Keira’s miniskirt, Natalia relieves her coworker of her panties. They’re just getting to the good part when Alex arrives. Keira lifts her shirt and smooths out her miniskirt just in time to not get caught, but all she can do with her panties is hide them.Alex has barely begun to micromanage her employees when her phone rings. It’s corporate, so she has to take the call. She excuses herself to another part of the room, which gives Natalia the idea that she and Keira can finish what they’ve started as long as they can both hold the moan. Keira is definitely willing, so it’s not long before both girls are leaning back with their skirts hiked high so they can masturbate each other’s tight twats.Although Natalia and Keira think they’re being subtle, Alex definitely notices. Instead of stopping the girls, Alex watches and lets them get her all hot and bothered, too. Her hands drift to her breasts and beneath her own miniskirt to slip her thong aside and fondle her cooch. When she’s far too horny to keep going solo, Alex comes up behind her two underlings and lets them know they’ve been caught out and that they’re going to need to be punished.Alex begins meting out the punishment by instructing Natalia and Keira to show her what they were doing. Reluctantly, the girls do as they’re told. They kiss and grope each other in front of Alex, then resume their mutual masturbation while their boss watches. Next, Alex instructs the other two girls to come with her so she can lead them to a bedroom and show them how to eat wet pussy better.Laying Keira down on the bed, Alex pushes Natalia’s head down between Keira’s thighs. Alex spends a few moments filling her hands with Keira’s lush tits as she ensures that her underlings are doing exactly what she wants. Then she draws back long enough to peel off her shirt and kneads her own titties as Kiera cums.Natalia finds herself on her back with Kiera munching her muff next. Alex is still there and still in control, making sure that Keira stays on task. There’s something so hot about having her boss riding her bum that makes Natalia hot as hell and primed to cum hard.The last part of Alex’s punishment is that her two underlings must now make her cum. Laying back with her legs spread, Alex pushes Keira’s head towards her titties while Natalia puts her mouth to work lapping and nibbling Alex’s greedy twat. As Alex gets closer to cumming, she has Natalia and Keira swap spots to ensure that both girls are punished equally. Once Keira has settled between Alex’s thighs, Natalia crawls behind her coworker to lick and finger Keira’s wet pussy as well, ensuring that both Keira and Alex are moaning in bliss. Satisfied that an appropriate punishment has been served, Alex gets Keira and Natalia to arrange themselves in a circle that allows each girl to eat another’s wet pussy. When Alex has orgasmed again, she is finally satisfied that the other two have learned their lesson.

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