Next Level – S10:E8

Lingerie hugs Matty’s slim curves as she takes a deep breath and goes to meet her friend, Barbie Brill. Barbie is already in bed, caressing herself and indulging in the feel of her own lingerie getup. The girls have never done anything quite like this before, but they know they want to take their friendship to the next level.Since Matty is nervous, Barbie is the one who takes charge of things. She gives her friend a kiss and then tosses Matty down onto the bed. Peppering Matty’s lips and neck with even more soft kisses, Barbie lets her hands wander down Matty’s body to indulge herself in the softness of her friend’s curves.It’s only a matter of time before Barbie makes her way between Matty’s thighs. Any shyness Matty may have been feeling melts away beneath Barbie’s expert tongue. She strokes and nibbles, making Matty arch her back in pure bliss.The girls come together in a crushing embrace as Matty comes down from her orgasmic high. Knowing that it’s her turn now, she cups her hands around Barbie’s hooters. Easing Barbie forward, Matty gets intimately acquainted with her friend’s bottom and twat. She keeps going until Barbie is squirming beneath her touch.Barbie takes control once again, pulling Matty into her arms. She cradles her friend while rubbing Matty’s clit. Then she helps Matty to lay down so she can crawl on top of Matty’s face. She rides her friend’s tongue for a hot minute before turning around to create a lesbian 69. Their twat feast continues until they collapse against each other, a puddle of post-coital delight.

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