All I Could Ever Ask For – S10:E6

Wearing lingerie, Casey prepares for a night of passion with her girlfriend Diamonnd. For her part, Diamonnd waits with a blindfold for Casey to come retrieve her. When Casey frees her girlfriend’s eyes and leads her to bed, Diamonnd can see that Casey has buffet of toys laid out for them to try.Casey settles Diamonnd with a series of kisses, working her way down to her girlfriend’s rock hard nipples. Getting to her feet, Casey shimmies out of her own lingerie and then rejoins her girlfriend in bed so she can settle in for an introductory twat licking. Reaching out, she lays hands on a vibrator that she presses to Diamonnd’s clit for a deeper delight.The girls tag out, with Diamonnd laying Casey down and then adoring her from tits to twat. She takes her time, indulging in openmouthed kisses and small nips. When she reaches the apex of Casey’s thighs, Diamonnd flicks out her tongue to taste Casey’s sweet juices. Then she turns her attention to the toy buffet that remains laid out in bed.Dimaonnd selects a vibrating sex toy and then helps Casey to her feet. She presses the toy to Casey’s clit, rubbing it back and forth. Throwing her head back, Casey takes it all in as her hips rock in a primal rhythm. Laying Diamonnd back down, Casey comes back at her girlfriend with a vibrator. She presses it to Diamonnd’s slit even as her hand slides up to grip Diamonnd’s neck in a hint of breath play. Determined, Casey continues her ministrations until Diamonnd is mewling in delight. Crawling up Diamonnd’s body, Casery captures the last few gasps in deep kisses.

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