The More The Merrier – S9:E11

Tis the season for some loving. Kay Lovely is just decorating the tree when her girlfriend Bunny Madison walks in. She has a gift for the tree: some mistletoe. Of course the ladies kiss beneath it. A kiss is never enough for the two blondes as they get handsy with each other.Kay tells Bunny that she has a present, too. Although Bunny protests that she has everything she could possibly want, Kay insists. She leaves the room and returns with Melody Marks, who is very pleased indeed to make Bunny’s acquaintance.A Christmas threesome is the perfect gift! While Kay holds the mistletoe above Bunny and Melody, the two get to know each other through kisses. Then Kay joins the two women on the couch so she and Bunny can double team the delighted Melody. They ease her shirt from her shoulders so they can squeeze and lick her tits. Then as Melody lays cradled in Bunny’s arms, Kay moves lower to begin sucking and licking at Melody’s juicy twat.Getting on her knees, Melody puts her mouth to work making out with Bunny. Melody and Kay pop Bunny’s big nones out of her shirt and each claim a boob to enjoy. Then they turn Bunny around so they can hike her miniskirt up and ease her thong off. Rolling onto her back, Bunny mewls in delight as Melody demonstrates just how good she can be with her mouth in those lovely secret places.When Melody rolls onto her back, she finds herself in the middle of the action as Kay straddles her face. Melody’s tongue is delightfully occupied as Bunny slides her hand between Melody’s thighs to fondle her coochie.Getting more creative, the ladies put Melody on her back with Bunny kneeling above her. Grabbing a vibrator to help her out, Kay lays on her belly and pushes the toy into Melody’s snatch while licking at Bunny’s. Switching her mouth and the toy, Kay makes sure that both ladies are mewling in pleasure to finish their Christmas threesome.

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