Room Service – S8:E1

Rebecca Volpetti has told her beau that she’s away on business, but it’s a lie. Decked out in a bra and thong with sexy high heels, she talks to her boyfriend on the phone while waiting for Amira Adara to arrive. When Amira knocks, Rebecca quickly makes excuses to get off the phone.Shrugging out of her trench coat to unveil her bra and thong, Amira joins Rebecca in bed. The girls come together with a deep kiss. Then, easing Rebecca out of her bra, Amira works her way down Rebecca’s belly on sweet kisses. She winds up between Rebecca’s thighs, licking and nibbling at those delectable folds as Rebecca toss her head back and forth between moans. Finishing Rebecca off with a wet snatch fingering, Amira completes the Pleasure is a two-way street, and Rebecca is happy to deliver as well as receive. She swaps spots with Amira and goes to work with fingers and mouth. She finds Amira nice and wet, an eager playmate. Getting Amira onto her hands and knees, Rebecca pumps her lover’s wet snatch full of her fingers.That’s not all these two have in store for each other. Tugging Rebecca into her arms, Amira grabs a vibrator and presses it to Rebecca’s clit. The moment Rebecca’s hips stop twitching, she gives Amira the same treatment so that they can each enjoy a vibrator-fueled climax.One last round of pleasure awaits these two voracious Euro babes. Rebecca lays down and pulls Amira on top of her so that Amira’s snatch is in perfect wet snatch eating position. Leaning forward, Amira completes the lesbian 69 as they lick and stroke each other to completion. Cuddling together, they revel in their illicit girls-only liaison.

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