Lets Try Kissing On Christmas – S4:E10

Roommates Alex Coal and Whitney Wright are getting into the Christmas spirit as they decorate the house. There’s just one problem: They’ve set up some mistle toe in the kitchen, and they keep having unexpected meetings beneath that Christmas tradition. The girls have been trying to deny that they’re hot for one another for a while now, but the mistletoe may be exactly the Christmas miracle they need to move their relationship to the next level.After the third unexpected meeting, Alex decides it’s fate and leans in to deliver a deep kiss to Whitney’s lips. She backs off for long enough to make sure that Whitney is into it, but a heartbeat later the girls are making out beneath the mistletoe. Now that their lust for one another is confirmed, they relocate to the couch to see where their exploration may take them.Peeling off Alex’s sheer top, Whitney fastens her mouth on Alex’s breast while Alex reaches down to squeeze Whitney’s. Whitney finds herself on her back with Alex kneeling over her in a take charge position. She feasts on Whitney’s titties, paying plenty of attention to Whitney’s tender nipples. Bumping and grinding her hips into Whitney’s crotch, Alex makes it clear that she’s more than ready to make their party even hotter. Whitney helps Alex peel off most of her clothes, and in return Alex kisses her way down Whitney’s body to return the favor. Instead of settling between Whitney’s legs for some wet twat eating, Alex just climbs right on top of Whitney so they can give and take simultaneously in a hot lesbian 69.Breaking their mutual pleasuring apart, the girls exchange deep kisses and caresses one again. Whitney gives in to Alex’s urging and gets on her hands and knees so Alex can go back to work, this time flat out feasting on Whitney’s pretty wet twat. Her tongue working overtime, Alex flicks the clit while one of her hands rubs her own nub.When it’s Alex’s turn to enjoy Whitney’s ministrations, she gets a surprise. On her back with Whitney kneeling over her, Alex sees that her roommate has a candy cane sex toy and she can’t wait to use it. Alex watches down the line of her body as Whitney slides the toy into her creamy center and then starts it pumping back and forth. That frees Whitney to lean in and lap at Alex’s clit until Alex throws her head back in a long moan of delight. Getting Alex on her belly, Whitney goes back to work with the sex toy from a different angle for orgasmic results. As the girls come down from their delight, they agree that this has been a great Christmas with plenty more fun to come.

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