Lets Stay In – S1:E11

Casey and Bernie have plans to go out on a date, but it turns out that staying in is a much better deal. Their kisses and slow caresses quickly result in their scant clothes being pushed aside. Casey pops Bernie’s titties out so that she can suck the nipples to hard points. Then she curls up between Bernie’s thighs with her tongue acting like a homing beacon for Bernie’s clit.Long laps of Casey’s tongue quickly make Bernie’s already damp twat bloom with wetness. Casey spends plenty of time fondling Bernie’s clit, guided by Bernie’s moans and mewls. When she has hit all the right spots, Casey is rewarded with the pulsing of Bernie’s body and the gentle bucking of her hips. Then Bernie gets on her knees and makes sure that Casey gets the big O, too.Getting Casey on her knees, Bernie spreads her girlfriend’s cheeks so she can admire the slippery delight of Casey’s snatch. Then she flips Casey onto her back so she can get down and start licking. Casey’s fuck hole is nice and wet as Bernie explores every inch of her pretty wet twat with her fingers and eager mouth. Casey gets back on her hands and knees so that Bernie can bring her to the brink of cumming.Casey isn’t quite there yet, so Bernie rolls onto her back. Pulling Casey up her body to rest her fuck hole on her mouth, Bernie goes back to work with her tongue. The position easily lets her slip her hand between her legs to rub her own clit even as she feasts on Casey’s.Her body still humming with orgasmic bliss, Casey flips Bernie onto her back and gets busy licking. The insides of Bernie’s thighs, the tip of her clit, the inside of her juicy snatch, nothing is off limits to Casey. Bernie finds herself with Casey’s hands on her tits and twat, bringing her right to the edge. The girls come together for one last mutual climax as they work their hips in a tribbing movement, the perfect ending to a perfect afternoon.

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