Im Into Girls – S3:E7

Lexi Luna is hosting an afternoon get together for her friends Lena Anderson and Scarlett Hampton. She takes her time getting ready, selecting a dress that really shows off her firm butt, plump tits, and killer curves. Checking herself out in the mirror, Lexi completes her outfit with a pair of sexy panties.Not long after she has finished dressing, Lexi welcomes Lena and Scarlett in. The girls go to the kitchen to gab. Eventually, the conversation comes around to Lena and Scarlett admitting that they are into girls. They’ve been hooking up, but they both feel like they get the same vibe from Lexi.Lexi thinks about it and tells her friends that she is interested, but she’s never experienced it for herself. Lena and Scarlett are happy enough to help Lexi learn. They cuddle and kiss so that Lexi can watch. Then they pull Lexi in for a three-way kiss that comes complete with plenty of eager caresses.The girls decide to relocate to the bedroom so that Lexi can further her education about lesbian activities by watching her friends fuck. She curls up on the bed as Lena and Scarlett continue to make out. The girls relieve one another of their shirts, with Lena taking off her top first and Scarlett following suit. Lena can’t help but lean forward and lap at Scarlett’s lovely breasts and hard nipples.As the girls keep on fondling one another’s titties, Lexi finds that she is unbelievably turned on. She takes some time to fondle her own breasts, then lets her hands slide lower. When Lena is on her hands and knees with Scarlett beginning to play with her cunt from behind, Lexi gives in to her passion to start full on masturbating. Of course Lena and Scarlett notice right away and urge Lexi to join in for a threesome.Working together, Scarlett and Lena manage to peel Lexi out of her sexy dress. Lena takes the front, dropping kisses on Lexi’s lips, as Scarlett jiggles Lexi’s titties and then finishes getting her dress off. When Lexi is down to just her thong, her girlfriends splay her out with Lena and Scarlett each tonguing one of Lexi’s lovely tits. They slip her panties off, then work in tandem to deliver a cunt licking that leaves Lexi moaning in pure delight.Lexi wants to try her turn at eating puss, and Scarlett and Lena are both happy to volunteer as tribute. On their backs, Scarlett and Lena make out as Lexi samples first Scarlett’s and then Lena’s juices. She loves what she tastes, licking with absolute enthusiastic abandon.The girls exchange a kiss with plenty of tongue, then settle in for a more languorous exploration of each other. On her back, Lena welcomes Lexi onto her face to ride her tongue. Meanwhile, Scarlett gets between Lena’s thighs and eats her girlfriend out. Lexi eventually lets Scarlett tag in so that she can enjoy the magic of Lena’s tongue as well. Lena keeps up the good work until the others are both fully sated, bringing their lesbian threesome to a satisfying end.

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