I Just Want Her In My Arms – S9:E8

Enjoying a cup of coffee, Simon Kitty goes about her morning routine. She calls to her girlfriend, Roni, and requests the newspaper. When Roni doesn’t respond immediately, Simon calls again and again.Finally, Roni comes out of her bedroom wearing the newspaper and a belt. She claims it’s for a fashion project and Simon plays along for a while. The girls chat about the news and the weather, but eventually enough is enough. Simon pulls Roni into her arms and puts her hands and mouth to work easing Roni out of her makeshift clothes.Crawling into Simon’s lap, Roni lets her girlfriend go to town with her tongue. Simon is eager to go further still, so she eases Roni onto the counter and dives deep into her lover’s juicy pussy. Using her talented tongue and fingers, Simon soon has Roni’s puffy nipples nice and hard and her breath coming in short gasps of delight.Roni hops off the counter and helps to pop Simon’s tits from her shirt. She takes her time going to her knees, kissing and sucking on Simon’s nipples and belly. When she finally kneels between Simon’s thighs, Roni finds her girlfriend nice and wet, eager to cum with the help Roni’s tongue. Eventually Simon moves from the chair to her knees on the counter, letting Roni keep on feasting from behind.Rolling onto her back, Simon welcomes Roni crawling on top of her. The girls go tit to tit as they exchange kisses. Then Roni continues to crawl forward until she has planted her twat on Simon’s eager mouth. When that position can’t quite get Roni off, Simon cradles her love in her arms and uses her magic fingers to bring Roni off one last time.

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