Blonde Beauties – S6:E3

Blonde lovers Grace Hartley and Jasmina are getting ready for a night out, but after Grace starts caressing and kissing her woman their plans change to a night of passion.After shedding their clothes, the girls come together on the couch and exchange eager passionate kisses peppered with touches to each other’s sensitive breasts that are meant to ignite pleasure.Grace is the first to break off the loving kisses, dipping her head down to lick and sample Jasmina’s diamond hard nipples. Loving the taste, Grace crawls closer and begins to suckle her woman’s puckered nipples in earnest.Kissing her way down Jasmina’s body, Grace eventually coaxes her woman to straddle her upper body. The position puts Jasmina’s wet tender snatch within perfect licking range for Grace, who applies herself to the task with unrestrained eagerness. Soon, Jasmina is gasping and moaning in joy as Grace works her magic tongue.Wanting to send her lover over the edge of passion, Grace shifts so that Jasmina is lying on her back on the couch with her thighs parted. Grace leans in and probes her woman’s dripping twat with her tongue and fingers as she finishes Jasmina’ off and helps her ride through the pleasure of her orgasm.Jasmina is only too happy to repay her lover the pleasure that was given to her. She trails her tongue down Grace’s flat belly and then makes herself at home between Grace’s slender long legs. After making sure that her lover is warmed up with her fingers and mouth, Jasmina uses a vibrating toy to drive Grace wild! She lubricates the blunt tip with the wetness dripping from Grace’s shaved slit, and then presses the toy deep into Grace’s tight sheathe while licking at her lover’s needy clit. Unable to hold herself back, Grace flies apart as the pleasure flows through her in the form of a soul-shattering climax.

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