Going Overboard On Her Juicy snatch – S2:E2

This season on Dating My Stepson, we have three hot milfs and three eager stepsons to mix and match. On today’s episode, Kira Queen is paired up with Sam Bourne. Kira still lives with her stepson, so she’s on the show to find a boy toy for herself. Their date is to go on a boat with Sam manning the oars to take them around a nearby lake. When Kira has had enough, Sam brings them back to the dock so they can move the party indoors.Everything is going smoothly until Sam falls into the lake. Kira leads Sam indoors to the closest part of the house, where she begins to undress him so he can warm up. Kneeling in front of Sam, Kira tugs his jeans off and sees that he’s packing a really nice erect shaft. Knowing that Sam will heat up even more if she strokes it, Kira gives him a handie. That of course leads to her going back to her knees to suck him down and even pop those big jugs out for a titty fuck.No longer cold, Sam does some juicy punani exploration with his tongue that gets Kira moaning. Although he could go on feasting like that forever, Sam decides to get his dick wet as he takes Kira right there in that little bunk bed. They go to town in spooning and then Kira turns over so that Sam can keep her party going from behind. Getting Sam onto his back, Kira uses the bunk bed for leverage as she rides in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. She keeps up the good work until he fills her to the brim with a creampie, leaving just enough cum dripping down his own hardon for Kira to suck him clean.

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