My Throbbing dong Thirsty Stepmom – S9:E7

Lolly Dames shows up unannounced at her stepson Tony’s place. She tells him that his dad kicked her out and that it’s real this time. She wants to stay with Tony because she has nowhere else to go while she figures things out. After a bit of beating around the bush, Lolly admits that she has been cheating on Tony’s dad.The other half of the story is that Tony’s dad hasn’t banged her in months. As they talk about it, Tony totally pops a boner. As soon as Lolly lays eyes on that, she knows she’s going to need it. She knows Tony has a girlfriend, but she needs to tap that anyway. When Lolly insists that she’ll keep it a secret, Tony relents.Once Lolly has popped out those big tits and gone ham sucking his dick, Tony knows he’s made the right call. They take it to the bedroom where Lolly shows off that big booty on her knees and riding in reverse cowgirl. On her back, Lolly throws her head back and squeals as Tony dicks her down. Then Lolly gives the pleasure right back as she sucks Tony’s dick until he gives her a big mouthful of cum to enjoy.

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