Twice The Pleasure – S10:E10

Lia Lennon stands still as her girlfriend Fibi Euro helps her brush her long hair. Fibi rewards Lia for her patience with gentle pats on the butt. Then the girls swap out so Lia can do Fibi’s hair.They go to the living room, where they play a game of foosball. As soon as the game is done, Fibi comes around the table and pushes Lia against the wall. Her hands go straight to her girlfriend’s breasts, then slide down Lia’s body as she crouches. Soon, Fibi has relieved Lia of her thong so she can eat her love out. Using the beam behind her for support, Lia arches her back in sensual bliss as Fibi does her best work with her tongue.Soon enough it’s Lia’s turn to do some tongue gymnastics in Fibi’s twat. She begins in a crouch, peeling off Fibi’s shorts. After they indulge in long sweet kisses, Fibi lets Lia guide her to the couch. There, she splays herself out for Lia to take her time doing her work with fingers and tongue.With Fibi already on her back, it’s a simple thing for Fibi to adjust herself so that she is on the couch’s arm with her cooch hovering right over her girlfriend’s face. Fibi knows just what to do. She goes to work lapping away at the sweet treat of Lia’s love button while rubbing her own juicy cunt. Soon, the girls adjust so that Fibi is on top of a lesbian 69.The juicy cunt feasting continues, this time courtesy of Fibi as she buries her face between Lia’s thighs as Lia lays with her shoulders on the floor and her hips on the couch. When Fibi scoots forward, she does some face sitting of her own. Finally, the girls come together twat to twat for some tribbing that leaves them both breathless and sated.

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