Overwhelmed By Passion – S10:E12

Myra Moans is in bed with her sexy red bikini and her phone. She is feeling overwhelmed at all the people at her pool party. Her girlfriend, Haley Reed, joins her in the bedroom to see what’s going on. When Myra admits that she just needs to get her anxiety under control, Hailey knows just what to do.Joining Myra in bed, she begins by running her fingertips down her girlfriend’s deliciously bare back. Myra reminds Hailey that their guests are outside, but Hailey reassures her that that’s fine. How can Myra say no after that?Gradually easing Myra down onto the bed between searing kisses and hot touches, Hailey grabs a vibrator. She pushes it to Myra’s twat and keeps it there once she finds the right spot. Smothering her girlfriend’s mewls with kisses, Hailey gives Myra a quickie.Her body humming, Myra disengages from Hailey’s embrace and gets her love on her back. She goes to work on Hailey’s cooch, licking and nibbling at that landing strip delight. The only thing that can make Myra let off is the prospect of a lesbian 69 with Hailey on the bottom.When Hailey urges Myra to her knees, the brunette goes willingly enough. She gets her juicy pussy eaten and then rolls to her back. Hailey presses her juicy pussy to Myra’s to enjoy some tribbing. When they’re finally sated, the girls cuddle together for a few more quiet moments away from the party.

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