Hailey Rose,Jayden Marcos,Scarlett Alexis – Reservation For Three – S20:E5

Hailey Rose and Scarlett Alexis slip into bikinis together for a pool party. They’re just on their way when Hailey’s boyfriend Jayden Marcos stops them and asks where they’re going. Hailey admits she forgot and then offers to make it up to Jayden. When it becomes clear Hailey is offering a threesome, both Jayden and Scarlett are clearly into it.When Hailey uses a hand on her friend’s juicy cunt to guide Scarlett to the bed, Scarlett goes willingly. Soon she has Hailey’s mouth and Jayden’s hands all over her big naturals. Scarlett enjoys the attention until Hailey breaks away to begin blowing Jayden. How can Scarlett not want in on that action?The double Blow Job is long and languorous, with the girls taking turns at first. When Scarlett lays down, Hailey knees over her so they can each take one side of Jayden’s hardon. Eventually, Hailey moves lower to press her hand to Scarlett’s clit. That’s good, but when Scarlett feels Hailey go clit to clit for some lesbian tribbing she arches her back in delight while still licking at Jayden’s fuck stick.Getting Jayden on his back, Hailey helps guide Scarlett to straddle Jayden’s hips. Rubbing her friend’s clit, Hailey slides Scarlett down onto the D. Then she licks Scarlett’s clit as Scarlett rocks her hips in a stiffie ride.Hailey gets to enjoy Jayden’s hardon next as she gets on her knees. While Jayden is doing her in doggy, Hailey makes herself busy eating Scarlett out. The girls change it up get again as Scarlett goes back to her stiffie ride, this time in cowgirl while Hailey rides Jayden’s tongue.As Hailey gets on her back with her head pillowed on Scarlett’s thighs, Jayden slides back home. He keeps going nice and deep until he’s about ready to blow. Pulling out, Jayden lets Scarlett direct his cum shot all over Hailey’s generous tits. How could Jayden not forgive Hailey for forgetting the dinner reservation?

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