Big Bang The Fornication Fallacy – S4:E3

Sheldon and Leonard are working on their Japanese while Amy hangs out. She suggests she might try, then proves that she’s quite good at learning languages. Sheldon tries to get their study session back on track, but eventually he takes off. Leonard tries to talk Amy into continuing their Japanese study session, but Amy cuts through the bullshit and suggests they just get it on as she takes off her shirt. Leonard points out that he has recently gotten with Penny and should probably not bang, but Amy points out that fellatio isn’t the same as banging.Pushing Leonard down, Amy makes good on her promise to suck him off as Leonard basks in her expertise with her mouth. Eventually her oral handiwork pays off and Leonard overcomes his objections to taking things further. She hops onto that hard dick and starts bouncing away in a reverse cowgirl ride. Then Leonard feasts on her hairy twat to his heart’s content before shoving his hardon all the way in for another round of hardcore fun.After enjoying a doggy style punani pounding, Amy turns a round on her hands and knees and resumes sucking Leonard off. She takes her time, enjoying the hardness of Leonard’s throbbing schlong in her hand and mouth until he gives her the facial she’s been waiting for. As she basks in the afterglow, Amy opens her eyes to realize that she’s been fantasizing about banging Leonard for long enough that Sheldon has returned and they have resumed their Japanese lessons.

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